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Comic Strip Rough Sketch by SonicNyx Comic Strip Rough Sketch by SonicNyx
Okay this was just a fun project that I decided to do. I apologize in advance, if anything is hard to make out. I don't have a scanner and my camra filters, though they may be good, may make some things dimmer than others. I'll post the whole story below, but first....

INTRODUCTIONS!!!! (and some background info)

-First, the big robot looking guy is Commander Syrax from "Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood." He comes from a race of war-hungry giants called the Zoah.
-Finally, the echidna you see is one of my oldest OC's Althia. Althia is an escaped Nocturnus clan member who has taken refuge at the Zoah colony. (Bad choice but I will explain later)

Anyway, I always loved Sonic chronicles and always wished that SEGA/ Bioware would expand on that universe. But because of legal issues (Do I even have to mention Penders name for this one?) they can't, so I came up with some fan theories.

1. All Nocturnus soilders are forced to shave their heads: I know this sounds super weird but think of it. No echidna in that game has hair. And you may say that the developers at bioware were following the SEGA echidna template (all of which are bald.) However, it is clearly seen that that game drew some influence from the comic (in which almost all of the echidnas have hair) so why not put that in? It may also help to say, that  many nations in the past who have gone to war or have soldiers, have forced the people to shave their heads. In a soldiers case, they would shave it so it would not be a distraction or give their foe something to grab on. In other peoples cases they would use the hair for other resources, like pillows, jackets, mattress stuffing (Gross I know.) But it makes sense since the people of Nocturne are constantly at war, and does the twilight cage look like a place where they can grow cotton for personal use? I thank that if they could grow anything it would be rations instead of cotton. But that's just my theory.
    - It also is useful to note that, that is why my charas hair is shorter than in my previous pics of her. She's growing it out ;D)

2. The Zoah have big furniture: This isn't a theory, more like me just stating the obvious. They are a race of GIANTS why would they make tiny furniture? 

I guess I should stop blabbering and tell you whats going on in the strip above. Okay, so Althia has just crash landed in the Zoah colony. They were about to execute her, (The Zoah belived that she was just an inexperienced scout trying to insult them. And that executing one would have little effect on their clan's relationship with Ix ) until she bribed them with information on the N'rrgal colony. (Which is a big deal for them) So Commander syrax see's her personally. Upon reading the info he throws it down in disgust. (The info she gave them was that Ix was planning to gve both them and the N'rrgal colony a secret weapon to use against each other. Fans, of the game you know what I'm talking about.) Syrax questions Althia's actions, and mentions a report about a Nocturnus escapee that was to be killed on sight. Althia coaxes him on and its back and fourth between the two until Syrax mentions Athia's past as a Praetorian. lets just say it's anything but good, she is infamous to all of the clans for being extremely loyal to IX, cruel to anyone accused and occasionally killing them. Surprisingly Syrax says that he admired that about her and because of that gave her 3 days to repair her ship and leave the colony, if she couldn't then she would be publicly executed. Althia finds this amusing and says "3 days? Don't insult me Syax, I only need 1..."

And scene!

As you can see Althia is not immediately a hero. She is arrogant cruel but is that who she really is? Anyway, thank you guys for reading this massive description! I hope you guys like and comment to tell me what you think! See ya later!
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Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2014
Oh yeah, I remember Syrax. He seemed to have a strong dislike for outsiders, and wanted to have a reason to harm them. He's also under the orders of Raxos too.
SonicNyx Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Correct! It's a shame not everyone knows who he is though. Sonic Chronicles was a really good rpg
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Yes, very awesome RPG, and tough too. Though so underrated, even though it was so awesome. It also added some great continuity points, such as we get to see who Emerl's creators were, and more.

The Zoah are among one of my most favorite aliens in the Sonic series, although I like The Voxai, the Seedrians, and the Metarex more.

The Zoah are so unique, and they aren't like your typical alien brutes, like the Covenant Brutes in Halo, or the Krogans in Mass Effect, but are something more different and unique. If you look at them closely, you can see that their suits are not just armor, but perhaps something to allow them to take on a more humanoid appearance. Like look at how the arm that doesn't have the suit on is like a sharp crystal dagger, but the one that does have the suit on has actual fingers. I always thought of them to be creatures like Chaos, except solidified, and using a suit to keep their bodies in a more humanoid appearance.
seanmcchapman Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Looks nice.Check out the comcs im working on…
SonicNyx Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist
That's pretty awesome! So much work must have gone into those!
seanmcchapman Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Well it takes time but ya your right ^^ I just recommend drawnging everyday
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